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3mm Society Scale Standards

Triang Standard:
Scale 101.6 to 1(3mm to the Foot) Gauge = 12 mm (scale 4 feet gauge)
The original Triang standard TT3. Essentially a coarse gauge standard.
Intermediate Standard:
Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauge = 12 mm
Uses finer wheels and track standards, but retains the incorrect gauge for general compatibility.

TM Standard:
Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauge = 13.5 mm
Uses slightly finer wheels than Intermediate Standard on a more correct gauge. The 3mm equivalent of EM Gauge. First formulated in 1957 by Ken Garrett.

Finescale Standards:
Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauges: 12 mm, 13.5 mm & 14.2 mm
Uses wheels with a near scale tread, and a flange of just under twice scale. A gauge of 14.2 mm was originally suggested by Morris Thomson as the finescale standard in 1965.This has now been corrected to 14.125 mm, or 4' 8.5" in 3mm scale. Finescale standards have been promulgated for other gauges because the membership of the society tends to be somewhat individualistic.

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A few other possibilities

Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauge 10.5 mm
Represents Cape Gauge equipment. Could be used for Metre Gauge. Probably to Finescale standards.
Scale 101.6 to 1 ,Gauge 6.5 mm
Possible scale using Z-Gauge to represent 2 Foot gauge prototypes. Probably to Finescale standards.
Scale 101.6 to 1 ,Gauge 21 mm
Represents the 19th Century 7 Foot Broad Gauge of the GWR and other railways. Probably to Finescale standards.
Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauge 9 mm
Represents 3 foot narrow gauge prototypes. Could be used for Metre gauge as well.
Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauge 15.75 mm
Represents 5'3" Broad Gauge used in Ireland and Iberian Peninsula.
Scale 101.6 to 1, Gauge 16.5 mm
Represents 5'6" Broad Gauge used in parts of South America and Iberian Peninsula.

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Other Similar Scales

TT (Table Top scale):
Scale 120 to 1, Gauge 12 mm
The original TT scale as used in the USA and Europe (esp. Eastern Europe)
Scale 120 to 1, Gauge 9 mm
A New Zealand scale representing 3'6" gauge prototypes. It has its own Society.
Scale: 1/9 inch to the foot, Gauge 12 mm
A British variant of TT scale
Scale 100 to 1, Gauge 14.3 mm
A European scale aiming to produce a perfect scale/gauge ratio.

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