These we have loved


A look back at some old products that are still available

Continuing a look at kits which although not recent are still available

The first of these is the cement wagon, built using a cast chassis with a Triang hopper body, the 'Footplate' has to be thinned down but does make a lovely wagon. Since this is an old wagon I understand that, a new etched chassis will soon be available from Andrew Thomas

We now have the good old BR standard 12T van, this was made for us by Parkside. code PP42

A bit more up to date as far as the Society is Concerned, the ex LNER dimple wagon replaced an earlier kit. code PP6x

Finally in this selection we have a GWR Fruit van, dia Y8 this time in GW livery. Code PP50





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Last updated: 7-12-2008