New Products

This a brief review of new Products available in 3mm scale

New Society Products

At last after about 10 years of requests the we have finally managed to source 14.2 Flexible track it will come as a sprue which has 2 strips of 6 sleepers each side and willallow the Society finescale rail to be threaded on. This will we hope satisfy the demand and we have now added loose chairs to enable points and indeed plain track to any gauge to be produced (Chair Sprue not shown)


This shows a section of track and a half of one of the Sprues

We have now introduced a 13.5mm version of the track. This is for members who have decided to model to a 13.5mm gauge. This has advantages especially when extra clearance is required for locos with outside valve gear. It is not illustrated as it is visually identical to the 14.2 track which is illustrated

The society have introduced a further wagon, funded by a bequest from John Fisher who was a much respected elder member of the Society who had a lifelong love of all things Great Western, as a memorial we will be producing 3 wagons in his honour, the second of these is a GW Felix Pole open wagon. This wagon is plastic made for us by Parkside using a standard Society underframe and can be fitted with both standard or finescale wheels.


GW MICA van produced with the last of the bequest from John Fisher, we hope that he would be proud.

You will note that we do not as yet have the red GW transfers we are working on that


The Society have introduced the first of what will be a range of standard wheels to suite the 12mm gauge modeller. The first one is 15mm it has 15 spokes with 2.75mm crankthrow, is to RP25/79 profile and is a pushfit onto a square ended axle to give a self quartering wheelset

The range has now been extended to include 12mm, 13.5mm 18mm and 19.5mm driving wheels and 9mm,10.5mm and 12mm Bogie and Tender wheels

Transfers for the MICA

All of the above are only available through the Society shop to Society Members

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New Finney and Smith items.

New Etched Loco Kits



Judith Edge Sentinel 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter can be built with coupling rods or with axle boxes and internal drive
Judith Edge Clayton class 17 No picture of this model is yet available



Oldbury Models
LMS/BR (MR 1377) class 1F 0-6-0T £35.00
Judith Edge kit of a Ruston PW machine no.PWM650 built using Bruce Smethem wheels and motor and gearbox from Finney and Smith, the motor is their latest skew wound open frame motor.


All the above need motors, gears and wheels most of which can be supplied by Finney and Smith


New Items from Worsley Works

Worsley Works have introduced the first of what will be the complete range of Wantage Tramway Stock, These two unfinished models show two of the coaches, cute aren't they?

Worsley Works have introduced a kit for the Class142 'Nodding Donkey' and the illustration shows the body etch.

Also available although not illustrated is a kit for the 6 car Blue Pullman


New items from3SMR

In a constant effort to upgrade earlier kits the following kits have been remastered and reissued including new and improved detailing

LG57X Gw 57XX with etched chassis designed to fit the Triang chassis

LG57 as above but to fit theBrynkits chassisLC1205 (12mm) and LC1405 (14.2)

LG48X GW 48XX 0-4-2T

Resin Buildings and trackside items.

Southern concrete Si 10 and GWR brick platform edges Si 20 £8 set of 6 makes 2ft 5ins plus end ramps £3.20. Southern tool huts Si 14 £6.40 pair, ballast bins Si 13 £3.20 and platform stretcher cupboards Si 15 £1.60 pair.

Southern style electricity substation, this is a card kit comprising wall and roof templatebrick wallingdoors and windows, glazing bars, instructions and photos all for £6-00


There is a planned resin transformeer casting to come.





Wizard Models

Wizard Models produce a number of 3mm items including DG couplings. They have now introduced GWR Wooden arm signal parts













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