Colin Wilson's layout "Tyttenhanger Lane"




Owner: Colin Wilson
Address: Cheshunt, Herts
Scale: 3mm;1ft 14.2mm gauge
Size : 10ft 6" long by 12" wide


Track Plan 


The sections fit together to form a box which fits into a car. One power point is needed, from which I take a 4 way extension.

Other Information
Tyttenhanger Lane gets its name from a village on the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City, but that's where the relationship ends. The rationale for the layout is a town in the Lincoln area. There is a main station, but the Great Northern decided to build a single track branch to the town so it at least had a presence. This has now become a run-down part of the town. There is a certain amount of industry, including a maltings which may well have been converted to small industrial units. Occasional excursion trains run in addition to the local services.

The date is the early sixties. Diesels have taken over, but there may be the occasional steam engine on its last duties. Even so, the railway's operation has hardly changed since steam days, and the freight trains are still shunted.

The layout is built to one of the less common standards. It is the finescale version of the old Triang TT scale. You can't go to the local shop and buy ready-to-run models, but there is a lot available if you know where to look. It is a useful scale as it is small enough to have a layout in a reasonable space while being large enough to model. Another advantage is the incentive to make more for yourself; it is unlikely that a commercial version will appear just after you have finished your latest masterpiece.

More details can be found on the Tyttenhanger Lane page on the Enfield Town Model Railway Club website.

Colin Wilson

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