Peter Bossom's layout Whatlington

Whatlington is the next station down the line from Hoath Hill Halt and the single line section ends here. Trains for the Sub Wealden Gypsum Company works at Hoath
Hill can reverse direction and other trains pass as required. A lone coal merchant occupies part of the back siding in a small goods yard that sees occasional other traffic.

Engineers make use of the empty sidings from time to time.

When it suits, modellers rewrite history and / or geography to create plausible settings and this model is no different. Whatlington – with an ‘h’ - does exist, near Battle in East Sussex, but in order to create a station and make it a plausible ‘might have been’ the village has become a small country town and distances to the surrounding villages etc. have been increased by ‘just a few miles’.


Photos by Peter Bossom




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