Jas Millhams Layout
Three Mills

During The 1960’s and 70’s I exhibited a 3mm scale layout known as The Mid-Anglian Line which represented the fine scale approach to the scale as perceived at that period. In 1978 I moved to “S” scale being unable to take 3mm scale any further with the materials available at the time. My Yaxbury Branch was the result. In the intervening years, scale size bullhead rail has become available, for which Ian Osborne makes chairs. The 3mm Society has also introduced its Five Year Plan wagon kits making available freight stock of a standard previously unknown in the scale. These developments caused me to have a fresh look to see if a fine scale layout as understood today could now be produced in 3mm scale. This layout is the result. The track is made from the parts above to 14.2mm gauge and the wagon stock is almost entirely from the Society kits. The locomotives are from the earlier layout re-wheeled to fine scale standards, as are the milk, parcels and cement vehicles. The buildings are a mixture of new construction and ones reclaimed and re-worked from the earlier layout. Scenic work has also benefited from more modern materials and techniques.


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Last updated: 22-07-2006