Geoff Beecroft's layout-Thelastone


Thelastone is really an excuse for presenting many of the lineside models which I have constructed over the last 30 years. The baseboards were built in 1997 but extra details are continually being added. Only the block of four houses behind the ovehead bridge is not copied from a real structure. Some of the originals have partially or totally disappeared since my models were made. The prototypes of all the other houses, the bridge and the chapel can be found in Sutton-on-Hull near Hull whilst the remains of the station building are now a house at the side of the M62 and used to be Sandholme railway station on the Hull & Barnsley line. The water tank was on Market Weighton station platform. The signal box is still at Goathland. The goods shed is at Cherry Burton. The shops are based on prototypes in Sutton, Howden, Boroughbridge and Asbourne and my father's old shop in Hull!

The date is about 1963 and the fictitious site is presumably somewhere in the East Riding area.

Aids to modelling in 3mm scale include brick- and tile- embossed plastic sheet (though the chapel model was built before these were available) together with white-metal items such as chimney pots, lamp posts and road vehicles. The range of ages of the models reflects the techniques which I have learned, or had available, over the years and the use of the computer for producing wording and windows in the most recent buildings is very evident.

The rolling stock is a mixture of the old "Triang TT", white metal loco kits and goods rolling stock built with kits from the 3mm Society.

Although the model was made primarily for my interest at home, all sides of all the buildings are modelled. It is therefore suitable for exhibition (generally viewed from side A) or for home viewing (always viewed from side B). At exhibitions, interested individual spectators get invited to view from "my" side.

The name of the layout, "Thelastone" pronounced Thella-stone, may suggest the end of my modelling career, but my cliff railway, made in response to the challenge for the 40th anniversary of the 3mm Society, is perhaps Thelastone II and I am definitely working on Thelastone III at my local model railway club.







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