Peter Gentle's Shed Layout "Somerford"

Peter Gentle has been one of the Society's longest serving members and he started what is known by many people as his "shed layout" Somerford about thirty-five years ago. The station building is based on that at Cirencester and many of Peter's buildings are based on local prototypes. He is a very skilled scenic modeller and some of his work has been featured at Pendon. The layout is to 12mm gauge and can be operated to a timetable using clocks adjusted to run in scale time. The layout brings back a glorious age of railways in a very attractive part of the country.


We would like to thank Model Rail for use of the track plan and to Model Rail and Martin Barnwell who took the following photographs for permission to reproduce them herewith. The layout was featured in the July 2005 issue of Model Rail.

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Last updated: 10-04-2006