Terry Tracey's Layout


My permanent stay at home layout is still under construction, as it has been for the last 6 years or so.
It is a model of Sittingbourne station in Kent, as it was just prior to electrification, which is why the B box is a modern 1952 built BR one and the A box still the 1898 Saxby and Farmer one.
The layout is in an area of 20ft x 9ft in a proper railway room. It is in 3mm scale with 12mm track. The points on the station area which is the scenic side, are operated by point in tube, the fiddle yard on the other side of the room is Peco and Peco point motors.
I have managed to get the entire track plan in this area, with the usual shortening of platforms.

I welcome visits to my layout, see our Lancashire Group website for running nights http://www.3mmlancsgroup.org.uk/

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Last updated:1-05-2006