Peter Bossom's Layout

Hoath Hill Halt

Hoath Hill Halt. 3mm. scale: 14.2mm gauge.

This layout depicts the railhead and exchange sidings of an industrial concern on one of the non-electrified lines of British Rail (Southern Region ) ‘somewhere in East Sussex’, with the adjacent halt serving the nearby community of Hoath Hill. Much of the activity within the works takes place in a variety of sheds and most of the finished product is conveyed in closed vans or sheeted wagons, so precisely what is produced is open to conjecture !

This is the second layout to carry the name of ‘Hoath Hill’, with initial inspiration coming from the book ‘Model Railway Layout Design’ by Iain Rice. The original concept was to trial my ability to work in 14.2 gauge, and to create a layout that could easily be erected at home without a major furniture move. Developments on the original layout awakened a dormant interest in things modern and a larger model became necessary to accommodate this growing interest !

Attempts were made to seek assistance from local industrial sites but permission was not given and much of the model has been created using photographs as a guide. The name comes from a road near to the Mountfield mines of British Gypsum.

Size of the layout is 11'0" X 1'6"plus operating space



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Last updated: 19-07-2006