Ian Osborne's layout - Gotham


Gotham is a small town, situated south of Nottingham, near the ex Great Central main line. A short branch from Gotham Junction on the main line led to some nearby gypsum quarries.

This layout supposes that this branch was extended through the Leicester coalfield to join the London and North Western Railway near Wichnor Junction, giving the G.C.R. access to the Black Country via Lichfield. Train Services include coal and general goods between the East and West Midlands, stopping passenger trains, some of which terminate at Gotham, and semi-fast passenger services between Nottingham and Birmingham.

The layout is built to a scale of 3mm to a foot, using a gauge of 14.2mm rather than the original 12 mm gauge originated by Triang in the Middle 50's.



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Last updated: 9-04-2006