Doug Richards 40x1 - Fourtee Colliery




A small colliery railhead, the setting for which is imagined to be in the now closed North Somerset coalfield it was visualised that the rail connection to the main network would be made into the former S & DJR route near Radstock, this would give a legitimate opportunity to use Southern and Western region tank locomotives.

The track plan provides the following:

• Plenty of shunting

• The locomotive can run around it’s train

• A turntable

• A small colliery workers halt

• Four sidings

• A small locomotive depot

• A tunnel

Behind the visible side of the layout and hidden under the colliery buildings is a sector plate and two long storage sidings. The sector plate is long enough to accommodate a tank locomotive plus four coal wagons and a brake van. A short siding near the tunnel mouth is just long enough to stable the single passenger coach that is used for the colliery workers service.





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