Alan Smiths Layout - Everingham


Everingham attempts to portray aspects of rural railways in the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire in the mid—1930s, that is L.N.E.R. operations in ex- North Eastern Railway territory. The station is the terminus of a branch line serving a mainly agricultural community. The layout is not based on an actual location but all buildings are representations of structures still in existence in the chosen area with the exception of the loco depot, which is modelled on the former shed at Alston.

A sequence timetable operates with passenger and freight workings between Everingham and York. The L.M.S. has running powers and an occasional train can be seen from further afield. Coal is worked from the nearby colliery through the station (where loaded and empty wagons are exchanged) and a train of old four-wheeled coaches is used to convey miners at the start and end of their shifts.

A full description of the layout can be found in the November 1994 edition of British Railway Modelling.


Photos by Courtesy of Steve Flint

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