Peter Bossom's Layout "Bulverhythe"


Bulverhythe, once Bolewarthethe or Bulverheeth; in modern English “the landing place of the citizens”. Once considered a “limb” of the Cinque Port of Hastings, the town nestles in the shelter of a headland known as “Gallows Head”. There is a small harbour with a pier and wharves. Over the centuries the coastline has altered considerably “Gallows Head” has disappeared, Bulverhythe is now a suburb of Hastings & St. Leonard’s and historical fact begins to blur with model fiction.

It is 1941 and once again England is under threat. The South is the “front line” - the coast is manned and preparations for invasion made. Anything that might guide the invader has been removed, roadsigns, place names, station nameboards, all hints of direction etc., they have all gone – so effectively that the inhabitants find it no easy matter to get from place to place and strangers are subject to sharp scrutiny!

The model is built to a scale of 3mm – 1 ft. (1:100) and whilst no ready-to-run British outline stock is now available active support for the scale is offered by The Three Millimetre Society and a growing number of small manufacturers.

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Last updated: 9-04-2006