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Society Plastic Wagon Kits

A further selection


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Well weathered 16 tonner

SNCF 16T steel coal wagon

LNER all-steel Open


GWR 12T Goods Fruit A


BR 16T Steel coal wagon


LNER 12T 6 plank open merchandise wagon



BR 12T ply and plank sided ventilated vans

LNER 20T Toad Brake van (steel duckets)

GWR/BR Fruit D (Pasfruit D)


RCH 1923 spec 12T 7 plank end door wagons

RCH 1907 spec 12T 7 Plank end door wagons

RCH 12T coke wagon

BR 12T Blue Spot Insulfish van

GER 10T ventilated van

LNER 12T fruit van

LNER 12T fruit vans (one with modified louvres)

LMS 20T Brake van

BR 12T Ply van converted to ventlated fruit van

GWR 12T MOGO Motor car van

BR12T Dropside Pipe wagon

LMS 12T 5 plank open wagon

BR 12T 5 plank Hybar open wagon

GWR 12T Mogo, Ventilated van & goods Fruit A

LMS 12T Ventilated van (unfitted)

Unfitted 12T goods van

SR 12T 8 plank open wagon

BR Charles Roberts & ex LMS Steel coal wagons

SR 20T Brake Van

LMS 12T Ventilated Van (vertical planks)

LNER 12T \Ventilated Van (unfitted)

LNER 12T 6 plank open wagon

SR CCT 4 wheeled ' utility van'

BR (left) and GWR 8T cattle wagons

BR 12T Pallet van

All the wagons on this page have been built using 3MM Society kits which have been manufactured for us by Parkside, Cambrian and Slaters

BR 20T unfitted Brake van

Models built, painted and Photgraphed by John Sutton

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