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Parkside BR 12T Plywood-sided Goods Van (PP43)

Parkside Southern Utility Van kit PP51 can be built as a PMV (left) or a CCT (right).

GWR Mogo (left) and 12T Van ends [photo by Geoff Helliwell]

In the centre of the picture is a Parkside BR 12T Conflat A (PP40); also prominent are two Parkside LNER 12T Fruit Vans (PP35/36) and a Parkside BR 12T Planked Van (PP42).

On the right is a Cambrian Models CA3 RCH 1923-specification 12T end-door Coal Wagon in the remains of the livery of Wood & Co of Kings Cross; the Sheepbridge and Denaby wagons are Finney & Smith RCH 1923-specification 8-plank end-door Coal Wagon kits, also made by Cambrian and using the same Society Parkside 9ft-wheelbase underframe. All three wagons have Worsley Works etched-brass brake handles.


(Left to right): Cambrian Models RCH 1923-specification 12T 7-plank end-door Coal Wagon in Bolsover livery (CA3); Parkside BR SNCF-type 16T Coal Wagon (PP56); Slaterís RCH 1907-specification 12T 7-plank end-door Coal Wagon in Pinxton livery (SL1).


On the left is a Parkside GWR 12T Mogo motor-car van (PP49) and on the right a Parkside GWR 12T 9ft-wheelbase Van (PP17) [photo by Geoff Helliwell].

Two Cambrian Models CA5 LMS 12T 5-plank Open Merchandise Wagons. The one on the left has 8-shoe brake gear and long springs (Society white-metal castings).

Cambrian Models CA4 LNER 12T 6-plank Open Merchandise Wagons (left to right): 10ft-wheelbase unfitted; 10ft-wheelbase with LNER vacuum brakes; 9ft-wheelbase unfitted.


Parkside LNER 13T All-steel High-sided Open Merchandise Wagon, with LNER vacuum brake (PP54).

Cambrian Models LMS 20T Brake Van (CA7) - with additional diagonal side bracing not in the kit.

Parkside Charles Roberts 16T slope-sided Steel Coal Wagon (PP27)


Southern 25T Brake Van (CA8).

Some of the Societyís BR, LNER and GWR 12T Van kits.

Most of the main types of GWR and BR large Cattle Wagons can be made from Cambrian Models' kits CA11-14. This is the most modern, BR Dia 1/353 (CA14).

Parkside have really captured the uneven plank widths, delicate ironwork and elliptical roof of the Southern 12T Ventilated Van (PP38).

Three of twelve types of GWR 16'van easily derived from the Society
Parkside kit PP17. From left to right: V4 with rebuilt ends; unfitted
V12 with original ends; V14.

Models and photos Nigel Brown


Some Parkside wagons from
the Grouping era: LMS D1897 3-plank wagon (PP55); LNER Diagram 14 van
(PP35); GWR V24 fitted van (PP48), LMS D1891 van (PP24).

Photographs by John Sutton and Geoff Helliwell and Nigel Brown 

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