Gallery 11

AGM 08, Geoff Helliwell's pictures

Mick Rawlings GNRi S class

This has motor in tender with a universal Joint

Does'nt this look nice in blue livery

Mike Corps J79

Rear view, this is an F&S kit

Mike Corp's tram engine

Peter Stratford's 94xx Pannier Tank

A rear view of the Pannier

Fred Lea's Coronation was the 1st prize winner

A side view of this magnificent loco

Andrew Shillito's ex LSWR 700 class

Tony Seal as a change built this LSWR 0395

Paul Hopkins built this M7 30668

Jeff Gay built this 4F

Gerry Nicklen built this LSWR A12

Bob Oldham's Fowler 2-6-4T

Colin Cook built this Large Metro

Peter White's N10

Another Colin Cook Loco GW 2251

Jeff Gay weathered 12T mineral

Tony Seal's GW Gunpowder van

Tony Seal also built this Fruit D

Tony finished off with GW full Brake

Mike Corp's Wisbech and Upwell coaches

Tony Seal with this Ironclad

Steve Moor's Ruston Diesel

John Bateman's Class33

Andrew Shillito's ex LMS Jackshaft diesel

Peter Bennett's class 15

Andrew Shillito's 2EPB

Paul Hopkins built this 3Sub

Steve Moors GNRi's signals from off the Ballyconnell Road layout

Another of Steve's sgnals

Howard Love with GW footbridge

GW goods Shed from Dennis Snook

NER loading Dock from Howard Love

NER Goods shed fromHoward Love

Peter Gentle's superb cottage

Peter's model viewed as a whole

Not in the competition Andrews ex GW County class


Photo's by Geoff Helliwell


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